Welcome to askmarieramos.com! Here is where we will discuss million Dollar Questions! So the Million Dollar Question today is why did it take me so long to get this blog going? In short Life Happens, Family Happens, I’m a Busy Craft Chica, Health and Wellness and Everything Else!!!

Reality is there are many reasons why it took me two years to create this blog and another year to get motivated and really get going. Procrastination definitely played a big part in the delay of an active blog.  The other multiple reasons were time, not having time, not making time, lack of knowledge on how hard it is to have a successful blog. A little over a year ago when the blog first went live I posted a Welcome, much like this one and one of the things I mentioned then was naming the blog. I must have thought about that for months. But thank God for persistence, research and a vacation with my amazing husband Edwin in Puerto Rico askmarieramos.com was born. During that month-long vacation I chose and secured a domain name, found a blog host, established a theme and posted my first 3 posts! I was on cloud 9.  Since then I posted occasionally but nothing consistent and still felt like I really didn’t understand all the ins and outs of blogging. Recently I joined some Facebook blog groups and OMG a whole new world opened up. I have changed my theme several times. toned down my categories and became focused.

I started this blog for a simple reason. I have been a nurse for 27 years. Before becoming a registered nurse I was a medical assistant and about 18 years into my career as an RN I became a Nurse Practitioner. Most of my career has been in Emergency medicine. In addition I am a business owner for a health and wellness company. I love to craft and most recently my husband and I took on a huge project of a 106 year old Victorian home. I have 13 grand children and 4 great-grandchildren and 1 more on the way. Along the way from single mom, to RN, to NP, to married and a successful entrepreneur I struggled. Struggled with myself mostly but also with external challenges. Now that I am where I am in life I feel I have valuable knowledge to empower others to go for it and make it happen!

With my background and life experiences I have seen so many things that have frustrated me to no end. I have experienced first hand a lack of general knowledge on so many levels in regards to health care all the way to general adulting. I have heard just about every excuse from people justifying why things are the way they are or the way the are not. I have been my very own “nurse hot line” for family and friends. I can’t tell you how many times I have said at work and at home I’ve said “you just can’t make this up”. With all my life experiences I could and just might write a book. Until then I will take all my experiences and share them with all who will listen. My goal is to motivate and educate. I believe that so many people could avoid serious health issues, avoid many long hours in emergency departments, avoid loss of work hours and avoid feeling lack of energy and motivation. I hope to inspire women and men to go for it, to develop the inner person they can become and just haven’t found yet.

Many people have a serious lack of self-esteem or just a lack of motivation to go forward. They look at their past and have been made to believe somehow that they are never going to make it. I also believe that many people suffer needlessly either with themselves or  their health. I am not embarrassed to admit that I have been married 4 times! yes 4. I have 3 children 13 grand children and 4 great grand children. I am definitely  not the relationship guru but I have sure learned a ton. I will share all that as well.

I am proud to say I have a Master Degree in Nursing and I put my self through school while working full-time and raising a family. I don’t have the best millionaire financial profile but I have made it through some really hard times and when this blog was born I was on a 1 month vacation in Puerto Rico that I paid cash for and since then bought a second home so I think I am doing well.

More importantly with this blog I want to focus on health and wellness, Juggling life when life happens, dealing with family when family happens, all the beautiful things I create when I have my crafty chica hat on and then every thing else that pops up. We all have life to juggle and whether you have  health issues, school challenges, bills, children, family issues, relationship choices or just lack of knowledge on life or health issues. I have probably been there. I believe that children are the most precious blessing that we have been given the privilege to raise and we should be very thankful and very careful.

I am very excited about this blog and I look forward to the interaction that will take place and exchange thoughts and ideas with all of you allowing for different points of view. I want to keep this site clean and tactful. I will not tolerate ugliness on this blog and will delete any responses that are not thoughtful or are just out right rude. I believe in freedom of speech and a good discussion but there is no need for ugliness. So I appreciate everyone’s respect for each other and let’s have a good time.

So with that let’s go forward and leave you with:

When life happens……twist it, bend it, tweak it, fix it, accept it and go for it!